Pablo Fitness Mountain Biking CampS

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Wednesday 15 June 2022 + Thursday 16 June 2022 (9AM TO 12 NOON, 2-DAYS)
Saturday 18 June 2022 + Sunday 19 June 2022 (9AM TO 12 NOON, 2-DAYS)

9:00am – 12:00pm, 2 days

Jungle Cross @ Centaurs Sport Park, Turf City

Camp Fees are $250 per participant, for 2 days (max. capacity 50 participants)

Fee Includes:

  • Participants Insurance
  • Camp MTB Jersey
  • Snack & Drink

A safe learning environment where we explain, demonstrate skills and allow the child to practice utilizing drills that they will continue to use after the training session. Once the students master the skills they will instinctively apply them during rides.

Each camp day duration is 3 hours (including breaks)

  • 1 hours of Skill Instruction, Open Field Drills, Obstacle Clearing Skills & Pump Track Course.
  • 2 hours of in-trail practice culminating with a JUNGLE CROSS trail ride.
  • A camp day runs from 8:00am until 11:00 am.

What to Bring

  • Mountain Bike + Cycling Helmet (Bike rental can be arranged at $20.00 per day)
  • Water Bottle
  • Covered Shoes (No Sandals or Slippers)
  • Spare Clothing

Note: (Group classes – Grouping according to age group and/or riding skills ability for the rider)

Skills Taught

Practice Skill Drills

  • How to ride in balance, in control and efficiently. Learn correct body position, balance and weight placement for climbing and descending (ramps/table top)
  • How to brake effectively (no skidding!)
  • How to look ahead correctly and how to improve your vision skills no matter how rough and rocky the trail
  • How to corner in balance, using vision to corner faster, easier with more control advanced cornering with drills
  • How to wheelie over small obstacles, up and down, efficient wheelies relying on technique, not upper body strength and how to use them over different obstacles

Practice Skill Drills

  • How to bunny hop
  • How to start/restart on an uphill
  • How to balance on a bike, how to improve your balance, how to track stand
  • How to do switch backs (up and down) in balance and in control with 100% technique (as opposed to the popular momentum method that works well 50-60% of the time)
  • How to clear larger obstacles, lift your rear wheel correctly and easily, clearing logs/log piles, doing drop offs safely and smoothly

The Schedule

Day 1DescriptionDay 2Description
9:00-9:15amParticipants registration & briefing9:00-9:15amParticipants registration & briefing
9:15-9:30amWarm up / icebreaker game9:15-9:30amWarm up / icebreaker game
9:30-9:45amHelmet & bike safety check9:30-9:45amHelmet & bike safety check
9:45-10:30amStart of MTB program – Practice Skill Drills (Fundamentals)
Break into groups* based on rider ability
– Group 1 – MTB Trail
– Group 2 – Pump Track
*Coach ratio 1:10 students
9:45-10:30amStart of MTB program – Practice Skill Drills (Fundamentals)
Break into groups* based on rider ability
– Group 1 – MTB Trail
– Group 2 – Pump Track
*Coach ratio 1:10 students
10:30-10:45amSnack break10:30-10:45amSnack break
10:45-11:45amRide Beginner Jungle Cross Trail10:45-11:45amRide Intermediate Jungle Cross Trail
11:45am-12:00pmBike maintenance and cleaning11:45am-12:00pmBike maintenance and cleaning
12:00pmEnd of Day 1 MTB Camp12:00pmEnd of Day 2 MTB Camp


Jungle Cross Trail Entrance/Exit

Facility Layout