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The 2021 Jungle Trail Run Series – Race 3 by Runivore – Pre-Event Testing required

The third of our trail run series will be Sunday 18th July

The Jungle Cross course has been developed for Mountain Biking over the past 5 years with natural and man-made features throughout and makes for an interesting and very challenging cross-country running trail. The full course is 4.8km, however, on race days we will make adjustments according to conditions.

The new rules for sporting events require all athletes to undergo an “ART” the previous day (results are valid for 24 hours),  UNLESS you are fully vaccinated (2nd shot 14 days before event). Below is the link for clinics – WE WILL NOT HAVE ON-SITE TESTING. We will offset your cost with a $20 contribution, payable after the event, if you require.


Proposed Race Categories and Pricing (Subject to change):

Race 1.  10km Competitive Session $55.   start 07:30

  • Open to 13 years and up
  • Men must submit a recorded 10km road race time of sub 45 mins  or sub 55 mins at Jungle Cross
  • Women submit a recorded 10km road race time of 55 mins or sub 65 mins at Jungle Cross
  • In 2 waves if required (0730 and 0830), ordered by date of sign-up
  • Podium for Open and Masters (40yrs +)

Race 2.  10km Challenge Session $35-$55.  start 09:00

  • Open to 13 years and up
  • All competitors should have completed 10km races in the past – this is a really tough trail
  • Podium for Juniors (13-18 yrs) and Adults (19+ yrs)

Race 3.  5km Challenge Session $35-$45.  start 10:30

  • Open to 7 years and up
  • Under 12s can be accompanied by a parent
  • Podium for Juniors (7-12, 13-18 yrs) and Adults (19+ yrs)

AGE Groups – for Jungle Cross events ages are as at 31Dec2020

Due to the continued restrictions on sporting events, the race in 2021 will operate in a time trial format. We will release more details via a briefing note.

There will also be many other requirements in accordance with the prevailing restrictions, including safe entry check-in and check-out, spacing between groups, no congregating before or after the race, and no spectators. Some very important points are addressed in the FAQ section – please take the time to read through, as we need everyone’s compliance to be able to stage this event.

At the time of activation, we are probably still restricted to 50 people in a facility (including marshals), thus entries are limited. IF this changes in the coming weeks we will look to increase the availability.

Jungle Cross Trail Run Course

The course was extended throughout 2020, since then minor updates and improvements have been ongoing. For the Trail Run series we will use the “B” Lines, with the course much the same as in February. The start-finish for this race will be next to “The Karting Arena”, with access straight into the trail – THERE WILL BE NO 400M SECTION ON THE PLAYING FIELDS.

This means the best parking is at the SOUTH END of the Carpark, not the normal North End.

Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re most welcome to drop us a question here.

Q: Will the Races be Timed?

A: Yes each runner will be given an “active transponder” to be affixed around the ankle (Velcro tag provided) and a race bib to be affixed to your t-shirt. The timing chip must be returned as these are active chips with a $100 replacement cost if lost.

Q: What are the age restrictions for the various races?

A:  Runners in the 10 km races must be at least 13, and the 5km race is open to 7 years and above

Q: Will there be Course Marshals?

A: Yes the course will be marked and there will be Marshals and many direction signs (more than last time) .  Anyone spotted taking a shortcut will be treated as DNF (Did not finish)

Q: How do I collect my Race Bib and Timing Chip?

A: Please be at the Centaurs Sports Park with plenty of time to do your safe entry, in the time window published, sign-in and pick up your timing chip and race number.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all runners will be required to “safe distance”. As such, you will be directed to a “holding area” , where you need to stay until you are called into the start funnel.  Groups of 1-8 runners will be set off at timed intervals – your timing starts when your transponder crosses the start/finish line.

There will be a table under a tent in the start funnel, where you can leave a bag, bottle, phone etc.

Please note: Timing chips must be returned after your race

Q: Will there be aid stations?

A: No, as with all events under Covid restrictions, we require you to be self-sufficient. We will have a hose spray along the course.

Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable. The time trial nature of the event requires a lot of work to create seeded groups, to minimise passing within the trail, As such, it is difficult for us to manage transfers. No-shows will simply be recorded as a DNS(Did Not Start). 

Q: Are there medals for every race category, both male and female?

A: Podium medals and finisher medals will be provided for each category

Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use the surrounding roads of Turf City and take caution to ensure you are back in time for your start time. It is advisable to do your main warm-up before safe entry. Once you are in the “holding area”, you can stretch, limber up on the spot only.

Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.

Q: Can I practice running on the course?

A: Yes- If you purchase a Jungle Cross tag,  available here:  https://www.cycosports.com/jxtag19.html you can run from 5pm to 9pm any day (except Wednesday, when it is 0700-1200) , as long as you have registered, paid for, and display the tag (can be tied to shoelace).  Please note the trail is exclusively for Mountain Bikes from 0700-1200 (every day except Wednesday, when it is 5pm-9pm) and for Centaurs events and maintenance 1200-1700. 

Q: I’d like to help out (volunteer) on the day – is that possible?

A: Absolutely -possible, depending on Phase restrictions.  We always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.

Event registration closed.

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18/07/2021 @ 07:30 to

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