2021 Jungle Cross 2 – MTB & CX – April 2nd

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2021 Jungle Cross 2 – MTB & CX – April 2nd

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The 2021 Jungle Cross Series – Race 2 “Rematch”

We are pleased to present the second of our 2021 series of off-road cycling events on the Centaurs Jungle Trail, including MTB and CycloCross, on Good Friday 2nd April.

The full course is 4.8km, however, on race days we will make adjustments according to conditions and utilise the adjacent playing fields to add some distance (400m-450m)

Due to the continued restrictions on sporting events, the second race in 2021 will again operate in a time trial format. We will again start you in seeded mini-waves of 4-8, 1 minute apart, with a maximum of 45 riders in each “race”, based on your previous race results.

There will also be many continued requirements in accordance with current Phase 3 restrictions, including safe entry check-in and check-out, spacing between groups, no congregating before or after the race, etc. Some very important points are addressed in the FAQ section – please take the time to read through, as we need everyone’s compliance to be able to stage this event.

At the time of activation, we are restricted to 50 people in a facility (including marshals), thus entries are limited. IF this changes in the coming weeks we will look to increase the availability. Until then, if any race category hits capacity it will close.

Categories and Timing as below – these are subject to change, depending on sign-ups and approval from SportSG

Please note that these times and lap numbers are subject to change (the below changed just today) – we hope to finalize this coming weekend 20-21 March, as we squeeze in everyone on a wait-list and remain with capacity limits set by SportSG

See tab “Technical” for details about the above.

MTB XCO Category – Age Groups, Open and Sport

The MTB used can be hardtail or dual suspension. There is no restriction on suspension travel or wheel / tire size. 

Due to the technological advances in dual suspension bikes, we have eliminated the “All Mountain” category. Competitive riders with high-tech dual-suspension bikes can race in the Open or their age group. Riders who are not so competitive, not so fit or are new to Jungle Cross racing can race in Sport. After 2 podium finishes in Sport, riders will be encouraged to step up to Open or Age-Group racing.

Cyclocross Category

The rider can use CX “style” bikes (Disc or Rim). All bikes within the CX category must have drop bars and 700cc wheels (32mm maximum tire). 

For Cyclocross Sport, any bike that can reasonably be considered as a gravel bike will be acceptable, however we rely on your common sense and fair play, as we may not check all bikes pre-race.

MTB SPORT Category – all Mountain bikes welcome : a shorter but still challenging race to use as a build-up to age group or even Open racing in the future. After 2 podium finishes in Sport, riders will be encouraged to step up to Open or Age-Group racing.

AGE Groups – for Jungle Cross events ages are as at 31Dec2020. As with all international events, Masters, SuperMasters and Veterans are welcome to race in the lower age group or Open categories. Likewise, riders in 13-17 can race in U23 or Open and U23’s can race in Open.

Podiums for categories with at least 3 sign-ups at the close of registration, Friday 26th March, Midday.

Points – As per the labeled Tab

Jungle Cross Course

The course was extended throughout 2020, since then minor updates and improvements have been ongoing. For most categories, we will offer “A” and “B” Lines, but we advise caution for those riders who have not practised riding the A-lines as they can hold up faster riders and get hurt. We plan to use the same course as Jungle Cross 1 in February, but we may add some jumps and kickers in a few spots and change a couple of racing lines.

Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re most welcome to drop us a question here.

Q: Will the Races be Timed?

A: Yes each rider will be given an “active transponder” to be affixed to the front fork (Velcro tag provided) and a race plate to be affixed to your bike. The timing chip must be returned as these are active chips with a $100 replacement cost if lost.

Q: What are the Categories for the various races?

A:  Please see the “Technical” tab for information about categories and age groups.

Q: Will there be Course Marshals?

A: Yes the course will be marked and there will be Marshals and many direction signs.  Anyone spotted taking a shortcut will be treated as DNF (Did not finish)

Q: How do I collect my Race Bib and Timing Chip?

A: Please be at the Centaurs Sports Park with plenty of time to do your safe entry, in the time window published, sign-in and pick up your timing chip and race number.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all riders will be required to “safe distance”. As such, you will be directed to a “holding area” , where you need to stay until you are called into the start funnel.  Groups of 4-8 riders will be set off each minute – your timing will start when your transponder crosses the start/finish line.

There will be a table under a tent in the start funnel, where you can leave a bag, bottle, phone etc.

Please note: Timing chips must be returned after your race

Q: Will there be aid stations?

A: No, as with all events under Covid restrictions, we require you to be self-sufficient. After the start/finish, there will be a “feed zone” where you can leave a drink bottle to access as you are lapping.

Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable. The time trial nature of the event requires a lot of work to create seeded groups, to minimize passing within the trail so as such, it is difficult for us to manage transfers. No-shows will simply be recorded as a DNS(Did Not Start). 

Q: Are there medals for every race category, both male and female?

A: Podium medals and prizes, finisher medals will be provided for each category, and the option of. finisher tee.

Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use the surrounding roads of Turf City and take caution to ensure you are back in time for your start time. It is advisable to do your main warm-up before safe entry. Once you are in the “holding area”, you can stretch, limber up on the spot only.

Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.

Q: Can I practice riding on the course?

A: Yes- If you purchase a Jungle Cross tag,  available here:  https://www.cycosports.com/jxtag19.html you can ride from 7am to 12pm any day (except Wednesday, when it is 5pm-9pm), as long as you have registered, paid for, and display the tag (can be tied to saddle rail).  Please note the trail is exclusively for Mountain Bikes from 0700-1200 all days except Wednesday night riding (5pm-9m) for Centaurs events and maintenance 1200-1700 and for Trail Runners 5pm-9pm (except Wednesdays, 0700-1200)

If you do not have a tag, we will normally open the race course for 2 practice sessions, for registered entrants.

Q: I’d like to help out (volunteer) on the day – is that possible?

A: Absolutely -possible, depending on Phase restrictions.  We always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.

Unfortunately we are still constrained by many of the same rules as the previous events under phase 2.

Safe Distancing

S.D. / holding Area

This will most likely be on the grass netball courts, or on the field within the race course – TBD closer to the event.

After your check-in (Trace together App is mandatory), please head to an orange cone and affix your transponder chip and race number. You will need to stay here until called into the start funnel. Mask must be worn up until you are at the start line.

Feed Zone

The feed zone will located near the start-finish, final location tbd. As with all events under current rules, all athletes must be self supported, with no mechanics or supporters within the race area. The feed zone will be clearly marked on the day. Race Officials can help you place your bottle if needed.

Please note that any technical problems with your bike during the race must be addressed by yourself. You may leave replacement wheels at the feed zone, but no mechanics or aid allowed. We will have a track available in his area.

Start Line

2-3 minutes before your scheduled start, you should be in the start funnel along with the other riders in your wave. When your wave is called up to the start line, we may set you off in 2 groups of 4, 10 seconds apart, to comply with the need to have 1m between you. Remember, your timing only starts as you cross the line.

Race Insurance

Please note that all riders should have their own medical insurance that covers them for MTB race activities. If an ambulance is required to take you to hospital, the cost of the ambulance will also be charged to the individual.

One option is to register for the year with SCF and get race insurance : https://www.cycling.org.sg/members/members-licence-registration/

Another is here : https://www.axa.com.sg/pdf/our_solutions/home/smarthome-optimum/smarthome_optimum_bicycle_rider.pdf

Most people have found that their Medical Insurance will cover them – please check that this is the case.

Race Number

Your race number should be clearly shown on the front of your bike (normally attached in front of the handlebars). Please do not bend, fold or cut your number plate – you maybe disqualified in such cases.

Race Attire / Helmet

All riders must use a safety certified bicycle helmet. We don’t have restrictions on attire but shoes must be either MTB specific shoes or closed-toe sneakers – no flip flops, sandals, crocs etc (yes, it sounds absurd but it has happened)

Pull Out – please read

If you are lapped by the lead rider, the marshals can pull you out of the race, depending on the number of riders still participating. You will be advised to “pull out” just before the start / finish, however you can go through the Start / Finish gantry to record the lap and immediately pull out after this.

Riders may also be “pulled out” once the lead rider has finished. If riders are too far behind on their final lap(s) they will be pulled to ensure the course schedule is maintained. PLEASE DO NOT KEEP RIDING IF YOU ARE ASKED TO FINISH. YOU WILL STILL RECORD A PLACING AND POINTS IF ELEGIBLE.

Category Placings

Even if you do not finish the race, we will “place” you according to how many laps you completed and the time. In this way if riders fail to complete all their laps due to time constraints, they will still have a recorded placing that is fair and can receive season points.

We are reinstating the Season Team Championship, planned for last year but interrupted by a nasty virus.

The below outlines how team points will be allocated. Teams will collect points for the 5 best (adjusted) scores per race day.

We hope this gives many teams a chance, encourages diversity and also encourages riders to move into “harder” categories where more points are available.

Please note important rules:

  1. Unless there is a separate gender division (like Open Elite), then the placings will be an overall basis i.e. regardless of whether the rider is male or female
  2. For any race category that has 4 or fewer starters, the points value will be 50% of the table value. e.g. only 4 race in Veterans then the winner will earn 23 not 46
  3. For any race category that has 5-8 starters, the points value will be 80% of the table value. e.g. only 6 race in Veterans then the winner will earn 37 not 46
  4. If a rider previously had no team and then joins a team, the previous results will not count towards that team’s total
  5. All rulings are at the discretion of Cycosports. This a friendly contest, so let’s try to keep it that way please!

Placing MTB123456789101112131415
Open – Elite Men1009080746862565146413733292623
Open – Elite Women1009080746862565146413733292623
Open – u-23746862565146413733292623201816
Masters 35-44746862565146413733292623201816
Supermasters 45-54565146413733292623201816141210
Junior 13-17565146413733292623201816141210
Veterans 55+4641373329262320181614121086
Sport – Men4641373329262320181614121086
Sport – Junior4641373329262320181614121086
Sport – Women4641373329262320181614121086
Placing CX123456789101112131415

Event registration closed.

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